Jim McLeman/Pro Cycling Trumps, United Kingdom, 2014-


Another "highest values" british game. This one comes in different flavours. Eight so far (plus a couple of variations). I love them all.  The "CLIMBS" deck is so high in my appreciation scale that it is the first card "pure"  game (as opposed to a game that represents a cycling race by the means of cards) to be presented in this site with its own page.



From left to right:Track Edition (2016), 2015 Women Edition, Legends, 2014, 2015 and 2016 men decks



The 2017 edition is composed of two (!) decks, which can nevertheless be purchased separately. With 108 riders in the peloton, all with their individual strenghts, one can think of devising a board game to play with them. (Now that I think about it, it would not be so different from Tour Cycle Free).



2014 pack, the one who started it all. A collectors' item now.



2015 pack. Of course, just a few changes away from the 2014 pack.



Legends deck, 1st edition.




2015 women deck


2016 women deck

Releasing a women's set, let alone two, takes some courage. Sadly, there are not many games featuring women's sport.



Track edition


The track deck not only features riders past and present, but it is mixed, as you can see, featuring men and women. It could/should be bought just for that. By the way, there are two versions of this deck, with eight different cards between them. The first version includes more British riders, the second includes  a few more current riders who might be competing in the olympics. I would love to see a "track legends" deck, featuring more past riders. Maybe someday.



Legends deck, 2nd edition.




The decks released in 2016 have a slightly different design (the riders jerseys have sleeves, now). The Legends deck has been reissued accordingly, though there are not too many changes besides rthe jerseys.

Thanks Jim for sending all the deck variations, and the goodies along with the cards.




Check the Cycling Pro Trumps official website to see all the cards and keep up with the new releases.