John Harrington, Fiendish Games, UK, 1996

Track cycling game, highly praised game among gamers. In this one luck does not play the main part. The mechanics of the game ar innovative and work quite well.

Unlike most track cycling games, this one does not offer the possibility of playing different types of races. In this game you play a team race. I file it under "track cycling" though, since the the board is velodrome-shaped, and there are no climbs or other outdoors-cycling elements. 

However, there are some home-made boards around (since the original is not so unforgettable), and some of them are not velodrome-shaped. Check the "unpublished games" section to see what I mean.







There is a 2016 japanese boxed edition of the game (by New Order) with new plastic riders. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive to have it shipped to Europe.



This was one of the late Geert Lagrou's favourite games. He printed a huge board which he played with hand-painted Roger metal riders.
Here he is (on the left) playing with Pierre Bertin (black shirt), Bilou (bottom right, holding her arm) and a guy whose name I do not remember.
This picture was taken in Zeldegem  in 2006, the day I first met Pierre and Bilou.



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