(Le Tour de France du premier butane français)
Butagaz, France, 1934




A promotional print (37 x 28 cm, roughly an A3 size). The game, of course, is a simple Game Of Goose, played with just one die. As a curiosity, the cyclist who rejoins a Butagaz truck (like the one in square 46, see picture below) advances two extra squares.

Butagaz made some other similar games in the pre-WWII years. Here and here are the others.




Remark the two Butagaz factories (Paillac and Rouen)



On the bottom of the board there is the inscription "A découper", which I had barely noticed.



Fortunately my friend Didier Maria sent me a picture of an uncut game. On it you can see 15 cut-up riders and a teetotum.



These riders look very familiar. In fact, the Learco Guerra drawing is the same as one I had not been able to identify previously but which now I know that it belongs to the 1935 version of the Butagaz game. Click here to read the rest of the story.



 Thanks Didier!



UPDATE december 2022:

This game is mentioned in Paul Fournel's Cartes du Tour (see bibliography), and a playable (though oversized) reproduction is included in its companion volume (?) Cartes du Tour. Pull-out Maps Gift Wrap.

Not to be confused. The one on the left is a book (nice, recommended, expensive, out of stock) while the one on the right is a collection of 12 posters or gift wrap papers (nice too, recommended maybe, not so expensive, out of stock too)


The original board measures 37 x 28 cms, while the "gift wrap" reproduction is 68 x 48 cms