Pierre Neuville / City Toys, Belgum, ca.1970


I quite like this game, in spite of its limitations.

It's one of the first to have the simplest aspiration rule: you may draw from the rider in front of you if you like his throw of the dice. To prevent the possible boredom of the peloton just making a translation movement everytime the leader throws a high number,  the road gets narrower every once in a while, and a rider may only draft from another rider in the same lane. As a result, some lanes get blocked sometimes (not a particularly good idea, specially if you are in that lane, but the shape of the peloton keeps changing).

The race consists of three laps and a half to a circuit (not unlike the World Championship), with prices (money) at each lap. The winner is the team who got more money, not the one arriving first after the last lap. It is a regularity race. The writer of the rules is not exactly modest: "vous avez devant vous un des jeux les plus passionants du siècle".





One defect of the game is that the big, cheap cardboard, game board has a tendency to bend and make the big riders somewhat unstable. The makers of the game must have noticed it, since additional orthopedic plastic stands are provided with the game.



There are at least four editions of this game. Two of them have a square box (quite big anyway: 33 x 33 cms), the second one (the one I have) with the "50,000 ex." legend on it. Then there are two "deluxe editions" with a bigger box (66 x 33 cms, I guess) and painted cyclists. These two have the same box, but one has a picture of Eddy himself playing the game inside.


The big box editions have coloured cyclists!

On one of the editions there is even a picture of Eddy Merckx himself playing the game!!!