O. Sperling / Frösi, Eastern Germany, 1969



Frösi, Pioniermagazin für Mädchen und Jungen was a kid's magazine from the former German Democratic Republic that was published from 1953 until 1991. This 1969 issue (number 5) has 32 pages and a foldable 8 page insert in which we find a Freidensfahrt themed simple game. This is not the first Friedensfahrt game offered by Frösi (here is another).

With this one, the Peace Race becomes the third most represented race in this collection with 10 games, one more than La Vuelta.


26 x 21 cms

The game measures 26 x 21 cm. (It does not fill all the page, there is a band commemorating the GDR's 20th anniversary). It looks very simple, and is quite simple indeed, but it represents a stage race, as expected from a Friedensfahrt game. It is divided into three stages. The rules for the first and third stages are identical, while the second stage, meant to represent a time trial, has slightly different rules. Although it is a very simple game with no strategy at all, I chose to place it in the simple stage races category (though you may disagree).


Uncomplicated rules, but with a twist.


The rules for stages 1 and 3 are those of a simple roll-and-move game. The track is quite short, but most fields have negative messages (miss one or two turns, go back some fields), which makes the stages a little longer than you would expect.

The rules for the time trial stage are surprising, to say the least (or else my German is worse than I think). Riders only move when they throw a three with the die, in which case they advance TWO (???) fields. The negative messages on the fields are not taken into account for this stage. Since it is not specified, I guess that the positive messages are taken into account. If I am not wrong, this means that riders move from field 1 to 3, to 5, to 7 (which advances them to 10), to 12, to 14, to 16 (advancing to 17) to 19 and then to the finish line. That is, the winner is the first rider to throw 8 threes. Which may take quite a long time, by the way.





Drawings by O. Sperling


In each stage, the first player to reach field 20 (or beyond) receives 2 points, the second receives one point, while the rest receive negative points according to the position in which they arrive. Well, that is what I read, but don't ask me how many negative points you are supposed to get.

Thanks Stephan for the tip!




Description written in June 2023.