Kurt Wellens / TVH / Mateco, Belgium, ca. 2021


This is a version of the De Ronde Van Vlandereen game from 2020. While that game was supposed to represent two classic one-day races (De Ronde and Omloop Het Nieuwsblad), this version is not associated with any particular race but can represent any one-day race. The two games are almost identical (same size, same materials, only slightly different rules). You may want to refer to De Ronde's description for some details, since I am only highlighting the differences here.

While the De Ronde game was meant for sale (and is still available at the Ronde web shop), I am not so sure if this is the case with this version. I have not seen it for sale, and it looks like it is a promotion for the machine parts specialist TVH and/or for the rental working platforms fleet mateco. None of them are cycling-related companies (to the best of my knowledge) but it turns out that Kurt Wellens, the author of this game, is a TVH employee.

I am not sure when this game (I mean, this version) appeared. I was not aware of its existence before 2021.



The contents of both games are identical in some cases, but not always. The cards, for instance, have been redesigned. The board tiles (hexes) have the numbers in a different colour but are basically interchangeable between the two games. The rules are almost identical, although in this version we do not have the advanced rules that involved "intervention cards". On the other hand, we have the rules in 5 languages (English, German, and Spanish have been added)




In this version of the game (top) we find two recommended race courses called Classic 1 and Classic 2. That's while the tiles are numbered. If you compare them to the De Ronde/Omsloop courses (bottom) you can see that they are not too different. As I said, the tiles are basically interchangeable, and you can make your own races using tiles from both games. However, this game is about deck managenent, and if the track is too long the riders will run out of cards (energy).



Back of the box


Portrait of Mr. Wellens himself




Compare the two boxes




Thanks to Didier for finding a copy of this game for me.


Description written in July 2022.