Gál József / Állami Nyomda, Hungary, 1956






The first hungarian game in my collection! It is a simple roll-and-move cyclo-touring-themed game, the previous owner of which, fortunately, translated the rules into French :-)

By the way, as far as I know Kerékpárverseny Társasjáték means "Cycling Race Board Game".


The board measures  approx 48 x 34 cm.





Though the rules say the game is for 2 to 6 players, there are only two cyclists left (and no original die). They do not look like cyclo-tourists, do they? I would not be surprised to find another hungarian cycling game with the same riders.




Let me help you with the translation:

Square 6: If you fall on this square you may turn and take the shortest path. If you pass this square, you follow straight ahead and take the longest path.
Square 19: Runs over a goose. back to square 16
Square 25: Asked to call the doctor, rush to square 28.

You get the idea! (Any questions?)



UPDATE March 2021:



Thomas Visegrády from Budapest (thanks!) sends a picture of the complete set of cyclists plus the original wooden sharp-edged die. In case you wonder what is under the cyclists, he tells me it is a 1953 issue of Miroir-Sprint.