Lajos L. Brons, Papercut Games, Netherland, 2005



A free PnP (print and play) game. This is one of the games I haven't been able to review properly. I am sorry for that, it happens to me with the most interesting games. You know, I don't want to write a hurried incomplete review, so I leave it for some later time... that never arrives.

There are three distinct editions of this game. The first edition I downloaded was version 2.2 of the rules. I downloaded it in 2007, I wonder if version 1 has ever been available. There is also a "Travel Edition" of the game, and the new redesigned version of 2010 (version 3.3 of the rules), and I still havent found time to review trhe game!

Proper photographs are pending too, but I have taken a couple of pics from BGG and edited them to make them fit this site.


This is the 2005 version of the game:





And here is the 2010 version. The changes are quite minor from the rules point of view, the most significant being that the road tiles now have 5 lanes. We also have a new  roundabout tile.




The game is still available for free download, but there is also a fully assembled boxed edition available from Print 'n Play Productions.

You can download the game here:

And see some pictures here:

(By the way, you can also download the game from BGG, but you might find older versions too, and maybe some file name inconsistencies. If you really want to check everything, my advice is to download the files from each site into a different folder).