Tulip Games/RTL7, Netherlands, 2015




This is a strange addition to my collection. A quiz game, which I have never liked, in a language I do not speak (though I can read -just- a few words...) A completist's addition to the collection, really. However, it is so weird it is almost interesting, if you see what I mean...




As you see, the is a board depicts a Tour de France starting in Utrecht, like the 2015 edition did, but it does not follow, as one could expect, the stages of that Tour.

Each player has a team composed of 4 riders at the beginning of the game. They lose one of them if  they do not give the right answers. Nevermind, quiz games are not board games (IMHO) even if they have a board. Who cares about the rules? The only possibly interesting thing is to answer the questions...






The problem is not so much the language but the difficulty. "Tour du Jour" is a show on Dutch TV channel RTL7 that covers the Tour de France, and its audience are real experts on the matter (ot at least that is what this gamne suggests). To make matter worse, some questions are about the show itself, like "Welke bekende sportpresentator hat in 1985 een emotioneel interview met winaar Gerrie Knetemann na zijn winst?"






As you can see there are two types of questions, one in which you have to give the right answer and another in which you just have to guess if a statement is true of false. The latter are used to determine if players lose a rider in their team in case of a wrong answer.


Everything is explained in the back of the box ;-)