A. Ollier - Ch. Leclercq, Ghenos Games, France, 2008




A recent game, and one of the most interesting set of rules of the last few years. The most interesting part is the peloton counter. At the beginning of the race all riders are in the peloton, which is the only counter on the board. When riders break away (or are left behind), they are added to the board.

Like all great games, this game is provoking reactions. For instance, Daniel Kazaniecki has been quick in adding variant rules: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/353303

And of course, Ghenos games has issued a Giro d'Italia box and a card game in 2009 and Leader1: Hell the North in 2011

I admit I don't have much time to play games lately, so I cannot really say if these variations improve the game, or how much. But I'll be delighted to have your opinion ;-)



Many possible board configurations.


Nice tiny riders (barely HO scale)




Typical configuration at the beginning of the race. Two riders on a breakaway, and one already left behind. All the rest remain in the peloton.




Among the many different finishes provided, my favorite is the cycling track.



A normal D12 and a modified one.



I must thank the makers of this game for sending me a free copy.

More info on this series here: http://www.ghenosgames.com/


In search of more realism, Daniel Kazaniecki has added so many variants to Leader 1 that he feels he has almost a new game. He has called it "Leader 2". The rules can be downloaded from Boardgamegeek.

Just have a look at the appendixes to see how far things have gotten: :

Appendix 1: additional concepts
Appendix 2: cobbled races
Appendix 3: individual time trials
Appendix 4: team time trials
Appendix 5: stage races "fame counter"
Appendix 6. other classifications in stage races
Appendix 7. simulating real races
Appendix 8: peloton AD 2009

Up to you to judge if it is a different game, but the variants are interesting in any case.