Hofmann, Switzerland, 1934


This old Swiss game has proven to be hard to find. It was first mentioned to me more than ten years ago by the late Geert Lagrou, who sent me a picture of the game he had found in a book. In these years I have  seen the game for sale only once, until I was lucky enough to stumble on that copy of the game (thanks to my friend Raisubidesu).

The three copies of the game known to me are different. Mine is, obviously, the poor's man version, with wooden pawns instead of riders, a monochrom illustration on the box lid, and the publisher's name is not even printed on the game. The other two copies had cyclists: one of them had 15 metal cyclists (see below) and the other 16 monochrome plastic riders in four different colours.





According to the rules the game is played by two to four players, though there is no need for such limit specially as some versions of the game include many riders. By the way, with my incomplete copy of the game, only three can play.




These mysterious circles are not explained in the rules


Trilingual rules are pasted to the back of the box lid




This is the Deluxe version of the game, with 15 metal riders, a coloured cyclist and Hofmann logos on the box lid. This picture was sent to me years ago by the late Geert Lagrou.



The Deutches Spielemuseum published (also years ago, when the museum was still in Hamburg) a calendar featuring this game and dating it. As you can see, the Hofmann name and logo were also featured on the board.


Thanks to Raisubidesu for his help to find and buy this game.