Uniwerk, Italy, 1960s

This game is a personal favorite, though most people wouldn't agree. There are at least three editions. The one we have here is, as far as I know, the biggest (and most complete).




The actual play is absolutely dependent on luck, and it coul even be played solo. The most important part of the game is  setting it up. You need a big surface to do so and place all the beautiful elements, including banners, public, money (for the prices) etc...



Here is an exemple in which the mountain part is three-dimensional.


When the game is set up, the road cards are turned one by one, starting from the one that is farther away from the finish line. Most road cards have a rider underneath, each of the twelve different riders appears under four different cards. Every player is supposed to manage one (or more) riders. When one rider shows up, he loses strenght and therefore has less chances to be the winner, which is the last rider to appear, the one under the finnish banner.





There are some minor prices during the race: a mountain price and an intermediate sprint, but the most important is, of course, to be the final winner.



Some road cards (all curves and some straights)  do not have a rider underneath. Both sides are equal. When they are turned,  the line of riders is broken. This will account for time differences between the riders in the overall classification.

A booklet with different races is provided to write down the results.



Lots of elements!



After all, this is just a silly card game (whose colour is the last card: you could play it backwards and end the game in one minute), but with so much ambiance built into it that it happens to be one of my favorite games (even though I admit that I wouldn't play it too often)