Giochi Sportivi, Italy, 1975


Unbranded (except for the logo) Italian combination box wich features 5 games: Game Of Goose (with no particular sports theme), horse-themed Ludo, football-themed game of goose called "Tutto Calcio", another football game called "Goal!", and a cycling-themed game of goose called "Gioco del Giro d'Italia Ciclistico".


(This is not a picture but a reconstruction. I scanned the board -in parts- as it would not stay flat enough for a decent picture)




The game of goose has the rules printed on the board in 5 languages (Italian on the centre, + English, French, German and Dutch on the corners). It is marked "(c) déposé" (in French)

The Ludo game has only six horses (in only 4 colours). No rules (at least I do not have them). No copyright or register mark.

The football-themed game of goose "Tuto Calcio" has an inscription: "Autore: Daniela Locatelli", a Milano address, and the year 1975. It is marked "Modelo Depositato"

The football game (for which I do not have the rules, the board is torn and there is one missing player, but which still looks like the only game in the lot that might be half-decent) has a brand name "ISAT" and says "Modelo Brevetato".

The cycling game also says "Modelo Depositato".



As you can see the riders are way too big for the board.


The board is quite ugly (maybe the ugliest in the box) but some squares are not so bad.


All in all, this looks like a cheap box made with games of different origin, packed under a generic "sports" label which is not even true. Needless to say extra information, the rules for the "Goal!" game, or even the missing player will be welcome.