The Sands Games (John Sands, Australia, ca. 1990)



This game comes from Sydney, Australia, and represents almost any sporting event you can magine (well, almost). You can play 27 different sports on its two-sided board, and some of these still have different possibilities.

This is the case of cycling, where one, two, three or four events can be contested. These are sprint race (one lap around the cycling track), mid-distance race (one lap around the cycling track plus half lap around the marathon track), long race (to be contested in a figure "8" shape, one lap around the cycling track, one lap around the marathon track plus a second lap around the cycling track) and time trial (where each player has 10 rolls of one dice, moving as far as he can).

The rules are very simple, as should be expected in a game that offers rules for 27 plus games in a 16-page booklet, but are nevertheless different for every race. The sprint race is a simple dice game. For the mid-distance race, players are dealt two cards that they can play (for them or against another player) if they are 10 or more spaces behind any other player. The long race even has a slipstream rule.

Furthermore, the longest the race, the more dice players use.

A sample of the tactic cards.


Contents of the box.


You hang "gold", "silver" and "broze" medals on the medal tally board. At the end of the session you add up the points for an overall winner.



"Cyclists" taking a curve.



Reverse side of the board