Clementoni Giochi, Italy, late 70s


Italian combination box, but one that features quite decent complete games (I mean, not simplified versions).

This game has a spinner instead of dice: The green area (to be used on the green-rimmed part of the track) is for descent, the blue area is for flat land and the red area is for uphill riding (in this case the speed is fixed to three squares).


The most interesting rule in this game is the aspiration mechanics. It only applies for flat or downhill riding (this is quite usual) and it only applies for small groups of two or three riders (neither for a lone rider nor for a big peloton): If two or three riders are riding in a small group, the last can progress to the front of the group (so the group as a whole gains an advantage of one extra square), as long as all the riders in the group agree to do so. What is original (I can't remember any other game with such a rule) is the fact that this applies only to small groups.




Other sports: here are the horse racing, boxing and car racing boards.




There is a companion box, "Domenica Sportiva" (named after a TV series), that coul be mistaken for this one. But not also the sports list is different ("Domenica Sportiva" features Formula 1 instead of "Car Cross", and does not have the boxing game), but the games inside are different. The cycling game is better in "Domenica Sportiva".