Quite unusually, we present two games on the same page. Both are adaptations of (or inspired by) the 1952 Italian game Giro Binaca, and the second of these games is adapted from (or inspired by) the first. Probably all this is illegal, but you can still download these games, read the rules (which are different from the original game's), decide if you want to print them, and have fun playing them. Rest assured, you will be doing nothing illegal. The authors of the game have done nothing illegal either by creating their games, of course. If anyone is on the wrong side of the law here,it is only me, and this is quite debatable since (a) there is no money involved in this website, (b) there has never been and never will be, except for the costs (hosting, domain...) for which, of course, I pay, and (c) we should first agree on which country's law applies in this case.

However, if you think you have the rights to the images featured in these games, or any other rights whatsoever according to which I am doing something questionable, I will be glad to discuss the subject with you in front of a beer. The beer is on me.



Verarua, Spain, 2007

Another free game found on labsk.net. Here the author discovered an incomplete set of Giro Binaca cards and felt compelled to make his own game. Quite simple, but beautiful.


The "board", straight from Giro Binaca:


The cards, nicely reworked:




As you can see, it's language-dependant ansd only in Spanish (so are the rules)  so, if you really can't read Spanish, you can make your own set of rules. (Don't forget to send them to me if you do!!!)


Direct link to download this game (last accessed may 2023)




Dr. Daniele Banfi, Italy, 2023


More than 15 years later, Daniele Banfi, known to our readers for his wooden prototypes, a few of which are shown on the unpublished games section of this site, decided to translate the cards into Italian, then he started with the rules, one thing led to another, and he ended up with a set of rules that may (or may not, that's up to you) qualify as a different game. Somehow, that's what I suggested in 2007.

Of course, Dr. Banfi has made a wooden version of the game for his own private use.


Click here to download this game (print-n-play, PDF, 2MB)


Description updated in June 2023.