We all know the alphabetical order, don’t we? Well, no, it’s not that easy. In this list I have ordered the games according to the first significant word, and I have not considered the articles (in any language), the preposition “of” (again in any language) and the words meaning “game” (game, gioco or giuoco, jeu, juego, spel, and spiel). The numbers are listed first, as long as the name of the game is written in numbers on the box, but games like “Six Jours”, "Vier-Länder-Tour" or “Zes-Dagen-Spel” are listed by their first letter. Finally, the games with the same game (e.g. “Tour de France”) have been listed chronologically where possible.

Finally, bear in mind that some games do not even seem to have a name. Of course, this is hardly the case of boxed games, but it may happen in card games or games included in magazines. For obvious reasons, unnamed games have not been included in the alphabetical list


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2ruote (Luca Revello, Italy, 2009)
3-2-1-Start (Sel-Mac, Spain, 1950s)
4 jours de Dunkerque (4 Jours de Dunkerque, France, 1998)
Les 45 Tours de France (AG. Néranval /Disque Jeu Philips, France, late 1950's/early 1960's)
52 Game Chest (Bike Race) (Transogram, USA, 1950s)
54 x 12 (S36 Jeux, France, 1980s?)
6-Dagesløbet (CC.Drechsler / Drechsler Spil / Sesam Spil / Alga Spil, Danmark, 1960s/1970s?)
6 Day Bike Race (Sparco Games, USA, 1938)
6 Days (Tintin/Parein, Belgium, 1964)
6 in Einem (WJB, Germany, 1930s?)
Les 6 Jours (Miro, France, 1950s)
Les 6 Jours de Paris (Gérard Bliekast, France, 1934)
6-Tage-Rennen mit Rundengewinn (Ruro-Spiele, Germany, 1920s)
6-Tage-Rennen (H. Zeise / Rudolf Arnold Verlag, East Germany, 1947)
6 Tage-Rennen (Josef Schneider Jr., Wien, Austria, 1950s)
6-Tage Rennen (VDO, Germany, 1970s)
6-Tage Rennen (Holtmann V.I.P., Germany, 1986)
Jeu des 7 équipes (Cofidis, France, ca. 2019)
Le jeu des 7 familles du peloton (Pif Gadget, France, 1989)
Le jeu des 7 Tours (Canelli, France, 1991)
99 domande sul Giro d'Italia (A.Francescut,, Italy, 2011)

À fond les guidons! (Astrapi, France, 2013)
Á la conquête du maillot jaune (Joan/Spirou, Belgium, 2017)
!A Jugar! (see Campeón Ciclista)
A Qui Le Tour? (Jeureve Edition, France, 1994)
A Qui Le Tour? (Christiane Paris/Jean-Paul Stéphane, France, 2006)
A Qui Le Tour? (Guillaume Nanot / Apicoove, France, 2016)
ABX Forces (Creative Game Company/ABX Logistics, 2000s)
Arrivée (Antonin Šrajer/Tonygames/Liglass Trading, Czech Rep., 2011)
L'Arrivée du Tour (Gildas Fresneau,, 2020)
Les As du Tour (François Allaigre / Neurovia, France, 2023)
Ases del Ciclismo (Ciclismo a Fondo/Heraclio Fournier, Spain,1986)
Attack The Pack (Con Gas Games, UK, 2015)
Attaque (Gerard Souldadier, France, 2004)
Auf den Strassen des Friedens (Fröhlich sein und singen, East Germany, 1959)
Der Ausreisser (F.X. Schmid, 1989, Ubik, 2004)
L'autobus(Tony Reeves, UK, 1990s)

Bahn-Radrennen (Si-Si Spiele, East Germany, 1956)
Bahnradrennen (Berliner Spiel/Rohner Verlag, Germany, 1972)
Bajando El Puerto (Juegos Reunidos Corominas) (Corominas, Spain, 1962)
Battle Of The Bikes (Magma/Laurence King, United Kingdom, 2013)
Benjamin Blümchen Sicher mit dem Fahrrad (Schmidt Spiele, Germany, 1998 & 2000)
Juego en bicicleta (, Spain, 2010s)
Bicross (Picsou Magazine, France, 1986)
Bicycle Art Playing Cards (Nicky Bird/Piatnik, Austria, 2014)
Bicycle-Game (UK, 1900s)
The Bicycle Race (McLoughlin Brothers, USA, 1891)
Bicycle Race (UK, ca. 1900)
Bicycle Race (aka Bicycle Game) (Milton Bradley Company, USA, 1910)
Bicycle Race (Sebastian Bleasdale, Good Little Games, UK, 2013)
The Game Of Bicycle Racing (McLoughlin Brothers, USA, 1901)
Bicycleclub (Æ, Germany, ca. 1900)
Jeu des Bicyclistes (Ludovic/Roche Frères, impr., France, 1890s)
Big Bike Race (Tomy, Singapore, 1970's)
The Bike Race Game (Master Toy Co, New York, 1930s)
Bike Totaal Fietsspel (Bike Totaal, Netherlands, 1990s
Bikee (C.W. Faulkner & Co, UK, 1899)
Bikes / Mountain Bikes (F.X. Schmidt, Germany, 1993-1995)
Bikes (Top Ass, Germany, 1996)
Bisikle (Emmanuel Arnould, France, 2009)
BMC Racing Team Quartett 2011 (BMC, Switzerland, 2011)
The BMX Bicycle Motocross Racing Action Game (W. E. Bondurant, USA, 1981)
BMX Challenge (Pic Toys Ltd, UK, 1990s)
BMX Race (Smethport, USA, 1986)
Bolletjes Veilig Verkeerspel (Bolletje, Netherlands, 200?)
Boosting Bike (Josephus Noben, Belgium, 2014)
La Boucle des Fruits Rhône-Alpes (Samourai, France, 1990s)
Breakaway Rider (see Der Ausreisser)
Breaking Away (John Harrington, Fiendish Games, UK, 1996 / New Games Order, Japan, 2015)
B.S.A. Cycle Race (Chad Valley Co. Ltd./B.S.A., United Kingdom, 1930s)
Build A Bike (Education Outdoors Inc/Schwinn, USA, 2013)
Bunte Trikots Und Blitzende Räder (see Zes-Dagen-Spel)
Butagaz, le Tour de France du premier butane français (Butagaz, France, 1934)

Cabbage Patch Kids Bicycle Race Game (MB, USA, 1990)
Cadence (Tom Hardy/Hawk Games, USA, 2014)
Campeón Ciclista (Cases / Ed. Romà, Spain, 1971)
El Campeón Ciclista (Rubiplast, Spain, 1980s)
Campionati mondiali di ciclismo (Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1966)
Campionati mondiali di ciclismo (Piero Savi and Gioia/Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1967)
I Campionati Del Mondo di Ciclismo (G.Crepax/Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1964)
Campeonato Italiano (see Um Reifenbreite)
Campioni e Gregari (Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1962)
Il Campionissimo (Uniwerk, Italy, ca.1965)
Il Campionissimo -small box- (Uniwerk, Italy, ca.1965)
Card games and decks
Carrera Ciclista (Spain, 1950s)
Carrera Ciclista (Ramón Sabatés, Spain, ca. 1950)
Carrera Ciclista (Borlino, Spain, 1960s)
Juego de Carrera Ciclista (Fher, Spain, 1969)
Carreras Misteriosas (Cusco, Spain 1960s)
Chasse Patate (Eric Lebras, France, 2005)
Juego de Ciclismo (Verarua, Spain, 2007)
Children Bicycle Race (Blue Ring Education Pte Ltd,, first accessed august 2021)
Ciclismo 92 (Ciclismo a Fondo/Heraclio Fournier, Spain,1992)
Ciclismo de mesa (Azul 4 Juegos, Spain, 1990s)
Ciclismo a fondo (Roberto Redruello, Spain, 2022)
El Juego de los Ciclistas (Nacho Lavernia, Spain, late 1990s)
Ciclocorsa (Ed. Carroccio, Italy, 1950s)
Ciclocorsa a squadre (Italy, see "Giro d'Italia e di Francia")
Ciclopist (Spain, 1940s)
Ciclorama (Fagis Giocs, Italy, 1966)
Jeu Circuit du Kochersberg (Randonneurs de Strasbourg/Ravensburger, France, 1987)
Classiques du cyclisme (Olpan, France, 2003)
Climbs (Jim McLeman/Pro Cycling Trumps, UK, 2016)
Cobbled Classic (EF Annual/Rapha, UK, 2019)
Cobicicleta (Diset / COOB'92, Spain, 1988)
Comment sera le Tour de France (Le Journal de Toto, France, 1938)
Compil Quizz Cyclisme (Jean Paul Ollivier/Compil Quizz/Sony Music, France, 2012)
Compil Quizz Le Tour de France (Michel Duplessier/Compil Quizz/Sony Music, France, 2013)
Construye tu carrera de bicicletas (Pelikan, Spain, 1995)
Coppa Santagostino (Santagostino, Italy, 1954)
La corsa dei campioni (Alka, Topolino, Italy, 1968)
Corse (Italy, 1960s)
Corse Ciclistiche (Claudio Vianini, Italy, 1994)
Corse in pista (Topolino, Italy, 1960)
Corridori In Fuga (see Der Ausreisser)
La Course (Agence Artifice, France, 2021)
Course Cycliste (Le Journal de Mickey, France, 1997)
Jeu de Course Cycliste Davitamon (Chefaro/Davitamon, Netherlands, 2003)
Course Michelin (Genilloud/Michelin, France, 1894)
Course de la Paix (Roman Čermák /Tofa, Czech Republic, 1990)
Jeu Course de Vélos (, France, 2009)
Les Cracks (Editions Edmond Dujardin, France, 1980s?)
Crazy 8'S card game (Wendy's/Schwinn, USA, 2000)
Criterium (Taiwan Bird Games, Spain, 1979)
Criterium (Editions Gloux, France, 1997)
Criterium de Figueres (Oriol Comas/Anki Toner, 2007)
Criterium de la Mère Picon (Roger Jacquet/Fromageries PICON, France, ca. 1949)
Criterium Degli Assi (Piccoli Casa Editrice, Italy, late 1940s?)
Criterium des As (Jeux et Jouets de la Tour St Denis, France, 1950s)
Cycle (Matt Hiske, USA, unpublished)
Cycle Challenge (Stephen Nurse, Australia, 2020)
Cycle-opoly (Late For The Sky, USA, 2008?)
Cycle Table Cartes (SSM/T, France, 2004)
Cycle Tour (Stephen Nurse , Australia, 2010)
The Game Of Cycling (Parker Brothers, USA, 1900)
Cycling, a fascinating game (J.W.S&S, Germany / England, 1890s)
Cycling Classics (Sean Kelly Edition) (KLC Games, Ireland, 1988)
Cycling Heroes. Who Is The Fastest? (Winning Moves, UK, 2015)
Cycling Party (Leandro Perez y Diego Hernando/Snake Eyes Games, Spain, 2014)
Cycling Race Game (see The National Bicycle Game)
Cycling Stars (Magma/Laurence King, United Kingdom, 2014)
Cycling The Pan-American Highway (Oletta Branstitter, USA, 2012)
A Cycling Tour (see Cycling, a fascinating game)
Cyclisme-Question (CB Créations, France, 1997)
Cyclist Round (JL, Paris, France, 1950s)
Jeu des Cyclistes (Saussine, France, ca. 1910)
Cyclo (Dirk Donvil / Lotto, Belgium, 2000s)
Cyclo Prestige (Jan Moerman, Belgium, unpublished)
Cyclospede (M & Co. Publishers, UK, ca. 1910)
Cyclosprint (France, 1970s)
CycloTour (Cyclo Tour, France, ca. 1990)
Cyklo (Marco Rossi, unpublished, 2013)

Date una volta polas Rías Baixas (Carlos J. Martínez Muñoz/Deputación Pontevedra ,Spain, 2013)
Davitamon Wielerspel (Chefaro/Davitamon, Netherlands, 2003)
Das Dansommer Radtour-Spiel (Dansommer, Germany, ca. 2000)
Devil takes The Hindmost (Terry Goodchild / Fiendish Games, UK, 1991)
Demarrage! (see Um Reifenbreite)
¡Demarraje! (see Um Reifenbreite)
Eine Deutschlandfahrt auf Phänomen Fahrrädern (Phänomen, Germany, 1938)
Dicycle Race (Pascal Hugonie/Pauline Detraz/Banana Smile, France, 2020)
Domenica Sportiva (Clementoni, Giochi, Italy, late 1970s)
Domenica Sprint (Clementoni, Giochi, Italy, late 1970s)

L'Échappée (Miro, France, 1963)
L'Échappée Belle (Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France, 2023)
L’Échappée du Tour (Hervé Clement/Aude Houguenague/Benoit Vieubled, ACH Jeux, France, late 1990s)
L'Échappée Infernale (Jérôme Valadie/Varo Éditions, France, 2001)
L'Échappée Infernale (version 2009) (Jérôme Valadie/Varo Éditions, France, 2009)
Eddy Merckx (Pierre Neuville / City Toys, Belgium, 1971)
Elfi promotional card deck (Elfi, France, 2001)
Eile mit Velo (Tissot Velodrome, Switzerland, 2013)
Le jeu de l'equipe La Redoute Motobécane (Fenwick, France, 1977)
L’Étape (see La Etapo
L'Étape Du Jaune (La Main Au Panier, France, 1990s)
La Etapo (France, 2004?)

Fabie e Pedali (Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1962)
Der Favorit (F.X.Schmidt, Germany, 1960s)
Fiets Veilig (ABB, Belgium, 2000s)
First To The Line (Moneystuff LLC, USA, 2012)
Flamme Rouge (Asger Sams Granerud / Lautapelit, Danmark / Finland, 2016)
Jeux de cartes de la Française dels Jeux (Fdjeux, France, 2002/2005)
Free games (print'n'play)
Die Friedensfahrt (Gräfe Dresden, East Germany, 1961)
Friedensfahrt Würfelspiel (Bruno Staebner/J.Nowinka, East Germany, 1954)
Fröhliche Ferienfahrt mit dem Blendax-Max. Fahrt Ihr mit? (Blendax, Germany, 1954)
Frösis Kleine Freidensfahrt (O. Sperling / Frösi, Eastern Germany, 1969)

Gagnez en Emotion (PMU, France, 2000s
Gänsespiel Würfelspiel (Leonard Kahn, Germany, ca. 1910)
Les géants de la route (Ceji-Revell, France, 1985)
Geared, Build Your Bike (Alex Solomon, USA, 2014)
Gemeinsam Vorn (Spika, East Germany, 1978)
Gépat (Gépat / Sprint International, France, 1980s)
Die Giganten der Strasse / Les géants de la route (J. Bonaventura / Ets. Couvat, France, 1990)
Giro (see Der Ausreisser)
Il Giro (Italy, early 1960s)
Il Gioco del Giro (Piero Savi/Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1964)
Il Gioco del Giro (Donato Pompei, Italy, 2009)
Giro Binaca (Sebastiano Craveri/Binaca, Italy, 1950s. Reissued by Edizioni Lo Scarabeo, 1993)
Giro Ciclistico d'Italia (ed Cartoccino, Italy, 1948)
Giro Ciclistico d'Italia (Elah / Arethusa, Italy, 1956)
Il Giro di Francia Piero Savi/Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1969)
Giuoco del Giro d'Italia (Stella, Italy, 1930s)
Il Giro d'Italia (Eugenio/Scuola Editrice Brescia, Italy, 1948)
Il Giuoco del Giro d’Italia (E.R.P. Italy, 1950)
Giro d'Italia (Cioccolato ICA, Italy, ca. 1950)
Il Giro d'Italia! (Casa Editrice Astorina, Italy, ca. 1958)
Giro d'Italia (Esploriamo, 1959)
Giro d'Italia (R. Knizia/Spielbox, Germany, 1991)
Giro d'Italia (A. Ollier - Ch. Leclercq, Ghenos Games, France, 2009)
Giro d'Italia card game (A. Ollier - Ch. Leclercq, Ghenos Games, France, 2009)
Il Giro d’Italia (Marco Donadoni, International Team/Edimac/La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Italy, 1983)
Il Giro d’Italia Big Jim (Mattel, Italy, 1980s)
Gioco del Giro d'Italia Ciclistico, in Giochi Sportivi (Italy, 1975)
Giro d'Italia Ciclo-Automovilistico (Elyart, Milano, Italy, 1960s)
Giro d'Italia e di Francia (Sam Milano, Italy, 1950)
Giro d'Italia Lion Noir (Luigi Biffi/Lion, Noir, Italy, 1919 / reprinted in the book Il gioco dell'Oca, 1981)
Un Giro d'Italia Tutto Per Voi! (Vera Vita, Italy, 1964)
La Gran Volata (Frank Dickens/Diki Books, Italy, 1976)
Il Giro di Tappa (Giochi Preziosi, Italy, 2010)
Glory Gears (Alex Bishop / MindMeltGames, USA, 2017)
La Gran Vuelta Ciclista En Casa (Spain, 1995)
Le Grand Jeu du Tour de France 1976 (Roger Dal/Pif Gadget, France, 1976)
Le Grand Jeu du Tour de France (Claude Droussent/Hugosport, France, 2014)
Grand Jeu Tour de France (François Paoletti / Solar Editions, France, 2019)
Grand Prix Bicycling (Canada, 1989)
The Grand Tour Game (Marcin Wojcik, USA, 2014)
La Grande Boucle (M.C.A., France, 1950s)
La Grande Boucle (Robert Lepage/Plastibor, France, 1958)
La Grande Boucle (J.Monnier/Coeurs Vaillants Formule 1, France, 1979)
La Grande Boucle (Phil Riviere, Downey Games, 2008 / free download, 2011)
La Grande Boucle 1954 (Sciuscia, France, 1954)
Grande course Zig Zag à retardements (Sicolor, France, 1950s)
Il Grande Gioco del Giro d'Italia (Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1973)
Grande Libro dello Sport (Edibimbi, Italy, 1990s)
Great Bicycle Road Race Game (Royal Series Of Games, UK, ca. 1910)
The Great Victorian Cycle Race Board Game (The Master Herbalist, LTD, England, 1990s)
Le Guidon d’Or (CP International, France, 1998)

The Head Of The Race (De kop van de koers) (under unpublished games)
Helden In Het Veld (Ludo Nauws, Belgium, 2007)
Hillocks (Pat & Tony Malcolm/Quikky Games, UK, 2013)
Holland Wielersport (C.J.J. Dalmeijer, Netherlands, 1940s)
Homas Tour (Rob Bontenbal, Homas, Netherlands, 1970s)
Homas Tour Pro (Ruben in t'Groen, Netherlands, 2000's)

Itzuli Mitzuli (Seaska, Euzkadi, late 1970s)
La IV Vuelta Ciclista a España (Marce/Almanaque Chicos, Spain, 1943)

Jagd Über Etappen (Si-Si, East Germany, 1963)
Jouer Avec Richard Virenque (Salvatore Micelli, France, 2003)
Juegos Para Todos (Plásticas Santa Elena, Spain, 1980s)
Junior Combination Games (MB, USA, 1905-1960s)

Keirin (Anki Toner, 2006/2012)
Kerékpárverseny Társasjáték (Gál József / Állami Nyomda, Hungary, 1956)
Keser Cycling Game (Keser, Netherlands, ca. 1990)
Keser Triathlon Spel (Keser, Netherlands, ca. 2000)
Klettermaxe (Simba, Italy/Germany, 1990s)
De kop van de koers (under unpublished games)

Lands End To John O’Groats (United Kingdom, ca. 1935)
Laurent Fignon, le vainqueur du Tour (André Hadjez, France, 1980s)
Leader 1 (A. Ollier - Ch. Leclercq, Ghenos Games, France, 2008)
Leader 1 Hell of the North (Alain Ollier/Ghenos Games, France/Italy, 2011)
Learning Games, Addition 1-19 (USA, Frank Schaffer Publications Inc., 1997)
Legenden Internationaler Radsport Quartett (Marcel Michel, Switzerland, 2015)
Linkeballen (Hulst Games, Netherlands, 2015)
Lustiges Radfahrspiel von Lothar Meggendorfer (Lothar Meggendorfer, Germany, 1890s)

Maglia Rosa (Italy, early 2000s)
Magnetic Travel Game (Super Accord, UK/China, 1990s)
Magnytour (, Belgium, 2007, 2021)
Maillot Arc-En-Ciel (Millatoner Games, Spain, 2006)
Maillot Jaune, le jeu de Bernard Hinault (Fenwick/Mako, France, 1977)
Match Sprint (Sean Martin, USA, 2012)
McDonalds Bike Race (McDonalds, USA, 1984)
Mein Fahrrad (ASS, Germany, 2010s)
Merckx & Gimondi (Donato Pompei, Italy, unpublished)
Milk Race Game (Jason Games, UK, 1980s)
Mind The Gate (Pat & Tony Malcolm/Quikky Games, UK, 2013)
Jeu du mini Tour (Les jeux de mon journal, France, 1977)
Monopoly Cycling (Soudal?/ GROEP24 / Squadra Sports Management, Belgium, 2021)
Monopoly Cyclisme (GROEP24 / Squadra Sports Management, Belgium, 2022)
Monopoly Koers (GROEP24 / Squadra Sports Management, Belgium, 2020)
Montlhéry Record (EdWill, France, 1920s)
Mountain Bikes / Bikes (F.X. Schmidt, Germany, 1993-1995)
Mudpluggers (3iD, UK, 2000s)

The National Bicycle Game (National, Australia, 1920s/1930s)
Neues Lustiges Rad-Fahr Spiel (Otto Maier Verlag, Ravenburg, Germany, 1979)
Neues Radfahrer Spiel (Germany, ca. 1890)
The New Bicicle Game (Parker Brothers, USA, 1894)
The New Bicycle Race Game (U.K., 1900s)
Newcastle to London (Boy's Own Paper Annual/Purnell & Sons Ltd., UK, 1964)
Nos cyclistes à travers la France et la Belgique (Saussine, France, 1890s)
Nova volta a Portugal em Bicicleta (Correio da Manhã/Majora, Portugal, 2013)

Le Jeu Officiel du Tour de France (Kleo games, Danmark, 1998)
Das Offizielle Tour de France Spiel (see Le Jeu Officiel du Tour de France)
Jeu de l'Oie (programme du Tour 1935 offert par le Journal)
Olympia 1988 (see Radfahren)
On The Rivet (Jason McDowell/Littletinyfish, USA, 2021)
One Clan Of Romance (AAA, China, 2000s)
The Open Road (Blair Berg & Carl Strycharske / Open Road Games, USA, 2018)

Paris-Brest-Paris (Audax Club, France, 2003)
Passquartett (Gaspare and Pietro Loderer, Switzerland, 2017)
De Pedaalridders (see Der Ausreisser)
Pedal Power (Jürgen Winzer / Bravo Sport, Germany, 2001)
Pedal Power (Pat & Tony Malcolm/Quikky Games, UK, 2006)
Pedale-O (Pat & Tony Malcolm/Quikky Games, UK, 2006)
Peloton (Macua Juegos, Spain, early 1990s)
Peloton (Templum, Czechoslovakia, 1991)
Pentathlon (Parker, USA, 1980s)
Le jeu des petits cyclistes (Dans la musette / Marabout, France, 2018)
Le petit Tour de France Miroir-Sprint (Pellos/Miroir-Sprint, France, 1955)
Le Petit Vélodrome (Sporlux, France)
Les Petits Vélos (INEX, France, 2019)
Pic-Etape (Picsou, France, 1984)
PicsouTour de France (M. Gerchambeau/Picsou, France, 1983)
Pinchazo (Spain, 1930s)
Pistard (Anki Toner, 2005)
The Plymouth Rock Gelatine Co. Bicycle Game (Plymouth Rock Gelatine Co, USA, 1890s)
Pluto Big Bike Race Game (Western Publishing Company/Walt Disney, USA, 1974)
Pocket Sports Cycling Tour (Hamish Sterling/Pocket Sports, Australia, 2015)
Podium (Kasia Hugo & Ania Bhandari, UK, 2007)
Post Danmark Rundt Spillet (Kolja Rieffestahl/Post Danmark, 1998)
Prémio da montanha (Franquelim Ferreira/Majora, Portugal, 1970s)
La primera piedra de lo que hoy es Perico Delgado Cycling Manager (89 Bits Entertainment Studio, Spain, ca. 1989/2012)
Print And Play games
Pro Cycling Quiz (Matti Breschel and Mikkel Damkiær, Denmark, 2023)
Pro Cycling The Board Game (Smith B Games, Hungary, 2020)
Pro Cycling Trumps (Jim McLeman/Pro Cycling Trumps, United Kingdom, 2014-)
Pronti? Via! (S.Craveri/Il Vittorioso, Italy, 1959)
Pour jouer... au Tour de France (Laure Cambournac et Pascale Gault/Youpi Découvertes, France, 1991)

Qui gagnera le Tour? (Constans Poirier, France, 2021)

The Race for the Life-Sized City (Mikael Colville-Andersen, Erik Griswold & Dough Gordon / Copenhagenize, Danmark, 2014)
Radfahren (Regensburg, Germany, 1988)
Das Radfahrerspiel (Germany, 1880s)
Radfahrerspiel (Zikkg Spiele, East Germany, 1955)
Die Radrennbahn (Likuna, Germany, 1910s)
Radrennen (Heinz Fritzsche/Sport-Spiele, Germany, ca. 2000)
Die Rad-Wettfahrt (Oehmigke und Riemschneider, Germany, 1910s)
Raleigh Burner BMX Game (Waddingtons, UK, 1985)
Raleigh Burner Freestyle BMX Card Game (Waddingtons, UK, 1985)
The Raleigh Cruising Game (Raleigh Cycle Co., UK, 1930s)
Jeu du Rallye-Cycliste (Chambre Syndicale du Cycle et du Motocycle, France, 1930s)
Realstat Cycling (Robert G. Fray, USA, 1994, 2005)
Le record du monde de l'heure (Petits Amis Sportifs, France, 1959)
Recordman (France, 1970s)
La règle d'or (Alfred Voirin, France, 1989)
Richesses de Belgique / Rijkdommen van Belgie (Nathan, Belgium, 1986)
Ride gioca o muori (Luca Maragno / Pendragon Game Studio, Italy, 2019)
Road Cycling Tour (Lajos L. Brons, Papercut Games, Netherland, 2005)
Road Race (Cycle Accessories, Sacramento, USA, 1983)
Ronde van Frankrijk (C. De Ruiter, Nethrlands, 1984)<
Ronde Van Vlaanderen (KBC, Belgium, 2007)
De Ronde Van Vlaanderen (Kurt Wellens / Flandersclassics / Sporza, Belgium, 2020)
Rondespel (Vlaanderens Mooiste Spel) (Belgium, 2016)
Rouleur (Anki Toner, Spain, unpublished)
Round Britain Cycle Race (Fry's Chocolate, United Kingdom, 1960s)
Rush 15-20 (Izel, France, 1960s)

Sammlung Schöner Spiele (Stomo, Austria, 1950s)
The Sands Games (John Sands, Australia, ca. 1990)
Sechs-Tage-Rennen (Schmidt Spiele, Germany, 1950/60s)
Sechstage-Rennen (Fritz Homann A.G., Germany, 1926)
Senior Combination Games (MB, USA, 1905-1960s)
Le jeu des Sept Equipes (Hutchinson, France, 2001)
La Serpiente Multicolor (E. Berdión & J. Munárriz / El Europeo, 1993)
Sicher auf dem Fahrrad (Angelika Will & Jürgen Lange/ASS, Germany, 1991)
Simplex Spel (Daan Hoeksema / Simplex Fabrieken , Netherlands, ca 1930)
Six Day Bike Race (Lindstrom Tool & Toy Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut, ca. 1934)
Six Jours (see Zes-Dagen-Spel)
Les Six Jours de Paris (Pierre Aroutcheff / Jeux & Stratégie, France, 1984)
Slow Bicycle Race (Berwick Compendium of Games, UK, 1950s)
Sportmagazin (Spika, East Germany, 1973)
Sprint (Ardatz, Euzkadi, 1980s)
Sprint (Diset, Spain, 1980s)
Sprint (Tony Reeves, UK, 1990s)
Sprint, La Gran Vuelta Ciclista En Casa (Spain, 1995)
Sprint Bouticycle (CB Creations/Bouticycle, France, 2006)
Sprinter (see Der Ausreisser)
Sprinter 3D (Sprinter 3D INPI, France, 2007)
Sprintop7 (Christophe Princay, Sprinter 3D INPI, France,  2007/2019)
Stage Chaser (Mark J Stubbs/Chapeau! Games, UK, 2011)
Stap Op (Penco, Netherlands, 1950s)
Das Steherrennen (Behrens Gesellschaftsspiele G.m.b.H., Germany, ca. 1920)
Super Echelon (Alex Bardají, Spain, 2023)
Superjuego Ciclista (O & D Diseño Pamplona / Juegos Recreativos Garate, Spain, 2000s)
Sur la route du Tour (Lustucru, France, 1998)
Sur les routes du Tour de France (R.Bonnet/Perlin et Pinpin, France, 1963)
Sverigeloppet (Bertil Almqvist / Aristospel, Sweden, ca. 1960)

Table Tour (Netherlands, ca. 1957)
Tafel Tour (see Table Tour)
Taktik Tour (Anki Toner, Spain, unpublished)
Team GB Velodrome Cycling Set (Scalextric, UK, 2011)
Teamsprint (Rainbow Games, Germany, 2011)
Teddy Tail's Cycle Game (Daily Mail, UK, 1934)
Telenet Fidea Cycling Team (Team Telenet-Fidea, Belgium, ca. 2015)
Tête de la Course (Tonygames, Czech Republic, 2008)
There And Back (Anne Civardi/The Knowhow Book Of Action Games, 1975)
Il Gioco del Tour (Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1961)
Die Tour (Christa & Klaus Rudiger/Olaf Liesendfeld Spiele, Germany, 1981)
El Tour (Cefa, Spain, 1989)
Le Jeu du Tour (L'Auto, France, 1937)
Le Tour (New Unity, Netherlands?, 1980s?)
Le Jeu du Tour (Proté / Miroir du Cyclisme, France, 1983)
Le Tour (Patrick Inauen/Inauen Spiele, Switzerland, 1997)
The Tour (Mike Clifford/Lionel Games, UK, 1992/Philippe Riviere/, 2006)
Tour (Luke Morris, 2006)
Tour d'Autriche 2014 (Radlobby Österreich, Austria, 2014)
Jeu du Tour de Belgique Cycliste (Huile de table des Chartreux, Belgium, 1950s)
Tour de Belgique (Tana, Belgium, ca. 1960)
Le Tour Butagaz (Butagaz, France, 1935)
Tour Cycle Free (Luke Morris, UK,/Japan, 2010)
Le Tour des Chasse Patates (Les Chasse Patates/Le Terrier Productions, France, 2021)
Le Tour Cycliste (FAB édition, France, end 1990s)
Tour de Duck (Micky Maus, Germany, 1982)
Tour d'Europe Cycliste (Stomo, Austria, 1940s?)
Tour Feminin (S3B, France, 198?)
Tour de Force (Pat & Tony Malcolm/Quikky Games, UK, 2006)
Le Tour de France (Stella, France, 1924)
Jeu du Tour de France (Imprimerie Charaire, 1924)
Le Tour de France (France, ca. 1933)
Le jeu du Tour de France (Marc Moallic/Le Journal de Toto, France, 1937)
Tour de France (France, ca. 1939)
Le Jeu du Tour de France (Pierre Blanchet/OGEP, France, 1949)
Jeu du Tour de France (Societé Française de Jeux et Jouets, Paris, 50s)
Jeu du Tour de France (Jean Lagniez / Editions J.L, France, 1930s)
Le Tour de France (P.Lacoudre/Fripounet et Marisette, France, 1954)
Jeu du Tour de France (Almanach Rustica, France, 1956)
Le Tour de France (Vaillant, France, 1957)
Le Jeu du Tour de France (Amis-Coop, France, 1959)
Le Tour de France (Pâtes Brusson, France, 1960s)
Tour de France (Fernel, UK, ca 1964)
Tour de France (Homas Spelen, Netherlands, ca. 1966)
Tour de France (aka Tour de France Cycliste) (Donald Bostock/MB Games, Netherlands, 1977)
Tour de France (Girac/Aja, France, 1970s)
Tour de France (Hema, Netherlands, 70s?)
Tour de France (Multiplay, France, 70s?)
Le Tour De France (Hulst Games/Just Games, Netherlands, 2017)
Tour de France (Roman Čermák / RC Games, Czech Republic, 2022)
Tour de France 89 (Domex / Ducale, Belgium, 1989)
Le Tour de France - La boite à quizz (Jean Paul Ollivier / Marabout, France, 2015)
Jeu du Tour de France Butagaz (Butagaz, France, 1936)
Tour de France de Coeurs Vaillants (Coeurs Vaillants, France, 1950)
Jeu du Tour de France COOP (Husson/COOP, France, 1935)
Le Tour de France Cycliste (Dernieres Nouvelles, France, 1933)
Le Tour de France Cycliste (Litho Artistique Brive, France, 1934)
Tour de France Cycliste (Plasman, France, 1960s)
Tour de France Cycliste (aka Tour de France) (Donald Bostock/MB Games, Netherlands, 1977)
Tour de France Cycliste/Grand Rallye Touristique (France, Saussine, ca. 1950)
Tour de France (das spannende Radrenn-Spiel) (Harry Riester, Germany, 1994)
Le Tour de France (La Maison Du Café, France, ca. 1996)
Le Tour de France de Francs Jeux (Francs Jeux Garçons, France, 1950)
Le Tour de France de PIF (Les Aventures de Pif le Chien, France, 1960)
Le Tour de France, jeu officiel (France, 1950s)
Le Jeu du Tour de France (Tango, France, 1984)
Le Tour de France, le jeu officiel (BD2 Games, France, 2003)
Le Jeu du Tour de France organisé par Bamboula (Felix Lochard, France, 1920s)
Tour de France, spannend vielerronde-spel (Netherlands, 1941)
Le Jeu du Tour de France Spirou (Spirou, Belgium, 1960)
Le Tour de France sur un tapis (Fripounet, France, 1979)
Tour de Francia (Lizarraga, Spain, ca. 1956)
Tour de la Guadeloupe (EducAmuse, France, 1999)
Tour du Jour (Ben Duiverman, USA, 2014)
Tour Du Jour (Tulip Games/RTL7, Netherlands, 2015)
Le Tour Montblanc (Chabard/Domarchi/Montblanc, France, 1980s)
Tour de L'Ouest (Aspro, France, 1956)
Tour Mala!s (Joachim Haack/Fangdasl!icht, Germany, 1996)
Tour de Piste (3 Jours, France, 2003)
Le Tour, De Ronde, Il Giro, La Vuelta (Belgium, early 70s)
Tour de Suisse (Knorr, Switzerland, 1930s)
Tour de Suisse (Emil Huber / Trüb / Hofmann, Switzerland, 1934)
Tour de Suisse (A. Berger / H.A. Bosch, Switzerland, 1935)
Le Tour Suzette (La semaine de Suzette, France, 1956)
Die Tour de Tarif (Deutsche Bundesbahn, Germany, 1990s?)
Jeu des Touristes (Saussine, France, ca. 1920)
Tourspel (Paul Groenendijk & Jimmy Tigges, Tigro-spellen, Netherlands, 1987)
Tous pour un maillot (Avespace, France, early 1990s?)
Tout à Droite (Atelier57, France, 2009)
Tout autour du Tour (Georges Richard/Atelier d'Art Sérigraphique Jean Coulon, France, 1960s)
Treasure Chest Of 15 Games (see Milton Bradley Combination Games)
Tri Tri + Tri Again (Pat & Tony Malcolm/Quikky Games, UK, 2006)
Triatlon (Musambay, Spain, 2007)
Trimau Grand Tour (Takahiro Amihoka / KogeKogeDo, Japan, 2019)
TVH Classics (Kurt Wellens / TVH / Mateco, Belgium, ca. 2021)

Um Reifenbreite (Rob Bontenbal, Jumbo, Germany, 1991)
Unpublihed games - more games!
Unsere Friedensfahrt Warschaw-Berlin-Prag (Jürgen Kieser/Wochenpost, East Germany, 1958)

Vel 6.24 (Sprinter 3D INPI, France, 2007)
Jeu du Veldiv (Edition H.B., France, 1932)
Velo, The International Game Of Bicycle Racing (Paumar, USA, 1977)
Velo City (Kevin G. Nunn/Harald Lieske, USA, 2010)
Velo-Flash (Comireix, France, late 1950s)
Velodrom (Heinz Fritzsche/Sport-Spiele, Germany, ca. 2000)
Jeu du Vélodrome (N.K. Atlas, France, 1900s)
Jeu du Vélodrome (Boyaux Pouchois/Union Vélocipédique de France, France, 1920s)
Le Velodrome (GMFR, France, 1940s?)
Velodrome (Jack Jaffe, UK, 2014)
Velodromo (Edizioni Cicogna, Italy, 1930s)
Il Giuoco del Velodromo (Creazioni Cicogna, Italy, 1950s)
Il Giuoco del Velodromo (Crezioni Cicogna, Italy, 1960s)
Velomaster (France, 2007)
Velonimo (Bruno Cathala / Stratospheres, France, 2021)
Vem far med? (Sweden, ca. 1920)
Die verrükte Fahrrad-Rallye (Micky Maus, Germany, 1992)
Vier-Länder Tour (Stomo, Austria, 1920s)
Il Vigorelli (Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy, 1962)
Visions of Rainbows (Jason McDowell, USA) (unpublished)
Jeu Vittel spécial Tour de France (Nestlé, France, 2015)
El juego de la Vuelta 95 (AGF Union Fenix, Spain, 1995)
Voiture Balai (Voiture Balai, France, 2021)
Vuelta al cacao Solís (Solís, Spain, ca. 1970)
El Juego de la Vuelta Ciclista (Rafael Ferruz / Publijuego, Spain, 1980's)
Juego de Salón Vuelta Ciclista a España (Spain, 1940s)
La Vuelta Ciclista (Falomir Juegos, Spain, 1980s)
Vuelta Ciclista. Juegos Reunidos CEFA (CEFA, Spain, 1990s)
Vuelta Ciclista (Pactra, Spain, 1976)
Vuelta Ciclista, el juego con Kelme (Multijuegos Bacare, Spain, early 1990s)
Vuelta Ciclista a España (M. Horna, Ed. Cantabrica/Bilbao Seguros, Spain, 1956)
Vuelta ciclista a España (Encar Española, Spain, late 1980s)
Vuelta ciclista a España (Pupy Toys, Spain, 1990s)
Vuelta Ciclista a España Seur (Seur, Spain, ca. 1990)
Vuelta ciclista a los 16 Continentes (Continente, Spain, 1990s)
La Vuelta (Mortadelo y Filemón) (Ediciones B, Spain, 2004)

Warsaw - Berlin - Prague 1952 (Herbie Sykes / Rapha, UK, 2016)
Wer gewinnt Prag-Berlin-Warschau? (H.Creutz/W.Lieber/FKV, East Germany, 1954)
Wheeling (J. Jacques & Son, London, 1896)
Whirly Wheelers (Palitoy Parker , UK, 1970's)
WielerSIM (Ludo Nauws, Belgium, 2009/2012)
Wieler Sport-Spel (J. Vlieger / De Lage Landen, Netherlands, 1891 / 1972)
Windschatten (Gerolsteiner, Germany, 2004?)
Winning (J. T. West Medias, USA, 1987)
World Cycling Game (Niels-Kristian Andersen, Danmark, 2009)

Yellow Jersey (Gavin Birnbaum/Cubiko Games, United Kingdom, 2013)

Závod Míru (Czechoslovakia, 1957)
Závod Míru (Vladimír Jedlička, Tofa, Czechoslovakia, 1970s)
Zes-Dagen-Spel (Spika, East Germany/Belgium?, 1959)